Day: January 4, 2014

You can become an Earth Scout – in a Group, in your Family or even on your Own

QuestionsIf you want to be an Earth Scout in a Group, you can join a group that exists or start one yourself.

Find an existing Earth Scouts Group

  • Look at our list of Earth Scouts Groups. You can join their local online Group or contact their facilitator and/or
  • Join our Earth Scouts Home Yahoo Group, with national and international members, and introduce yourself, asking if there are groups starting or running in your area.

Start an Earth Scouts Group

To start your own Earth Scouts Group, you need to find other interested people.

  • Read the experiences of other Earth Scouts Facilitators. Examples include early Facilitators in Tampa, Florida and in Portland, Oregon.
  • Go to a list of People Interested in Earth Scouts.
  • If you wish to be on this list of interested people, send your name, email and location (city and state) to Genie Skypek, Earth Scouts Coordinator.
  • Search your communities, e.g., homeschooling groups, faith communities, friends, public school classes or teachers, after school activities, children and youth organizations. Distribute Earth Scouts flyers, write articles and generate interest.

Running an Earth Scouts Group

Whether joining or starting an Earth Scouts Group, preparing yourself is key to a successful group.

  • Remembering that Earth Scouts learn about and act to implement the Principles of the Earth Charter, read the original version of the Earth Charter, a version for youth and a version for younger children.
  • Review Earth Scouts Facilitator Guides and Tips for information about the structure and organization of an Earth Scouts Group and sample activities for groups.
  • Check out the information on Earth Scouts Badges and Patches, how to earn them and how to order them.People take different approaches to badges. Some like them as recognition of efforts invested by their children. Some want to do it on an annual basis. Some prefer a ‘per activity’ recognition approach. Others prefer their children to gain their reward intrinsically.
  • Complete the Earth Scouts Facilitator/Parent Pledge and email or mail it in.
  • Join the Earth Scouts Home Yahoo Group to exchange information with other group facilitators and Earth Scouters.
  • Start your own Yahoo Group for people in your area.
  • Find links and resources online or in your community to stimulate ideas about activities for Earth Scouters.
  • Some children want uniforms. You can put together a uniform of t-shirts and caps or whatever your group might want by shopping at the Earth Scouts Stores.

Become an Earth Scouts Family

In instances where there is no Earth Scouts Group and you don’t want to start one, consider becoming an Earth Scouts Family. Several families are facilitating Earth Scouts learning and actions in this way. Find Earth Scouts Families. All of the Facilitator Guides and other processes can be used in a family setting.

Become an Earth Scout Individual

Some people, young and old alike, may want to be an Earth Scout on their own, challenging themselves to learn about the Principles of the Earth Charter and to implement in their communities and their lives. We welcome you as well.