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Five Crucial Home Remodeling & Renovation Tips For your next do it yourself project, you want to make sure you make no mistakes. Follow these five tips to help you have a successful DIY home remodeling project.

First, you need to stay organized and think ahead. Know your schedule and how long the project will take, and stick to your proposed schedule. Check to see if your room can be left unused if you’ll be working on it for more than a few days.

Check if any permits are necessary for your remodeling job. Make sure you know how to acquire permits and that you know what to submit along the way.

Once you have your permits, make a budget for your project. Pick out your products and have a clear idea of the cost. This will help prevent you from paying more than you want.

While working on your remodeling job, expect the worst. It is quite possible you will find some needed repairs behind your walls.

Lastly, make sure you know local building codes. A failed inspection can cost you extra money.

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How To Choose The Right House To Renovate

The most important step in successfully renovating a property is first choosing the right property to renovate. Choose the wrong property or the wrong area and you have likely lost before you even began.

Today I talk with Jane Slack-Smith from The Ultimate Guide To Renovation about how to choose the right house to renovate so you can maximise your return on renovation.

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Ryan: Choosing the right house to renovate is a really difficult decision. There’s a lot that goes into that decision including research into a suburb, finding the right street, finding the right house within that street. It’s not always as easy as buying the worst house in the best street. Today, I talk to Jane Slack-Smith from the Ultimate Guide To Renovation about how to choose the right house to renovate. So renovation is a strategy that you want to pursue. It’s very important that you choose the right property in order to maximize your profit from the renovation. So here’s my interview with James Slack-Smith.

Hi guys Ryan here from, your daily dose of property education and inspiration. And today I’m grateful to have with me Jane Slack-Smith from the Ultimate Guide To Renovation. And we’re going to be talking about how to choose the right house to renovate. Thanks for your time today, Jane.

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Home Renovation Guide

9 out of 10
Indian Home Owners who renovate their homes are not happy with the results.

Why ?

Lets find out !

So Before Your project starts

You spend hours on Internet searching for cool ideas and designs
And before you realise you are overloaded with information

You start talking to Contractors and realise – – there are no fix standards
You feel it is impossible to know who is right
Talking about building material 100s of choices for each & every item you have never been so much confused

Now lets talk about what happens during Renovation

It seems like nothing is under your control

With so many things happening at the same time

not able to figure out – right from wrong you stop trusting your contractor & at some point you stop trusting your ownself


Its time for getting control back in your hands
‘101 Home Renovation Guide’

101 Things which Most Contractors Won’t Tell You
we spoke to more then 50 home owners who recently renovated homes.
Made a list of all common pain points

Then we spoke to more then 25 experienced contractors & Designers

After all this exercise over months

We compiled this list of 101 Tips & Suggestions.

These points will help you

  • – save money
  • – avoid costly mistakes
  • – avoid getting cheated

101 home Renovation EBook is not for Everyone

If you are someone who wants to make informed decision & take charge of your home Renovation, this Book is for You.

101 Home Renovation Guide” by
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Effective Concrete Cleaning – Secret Revealed

The most common discolorations are triggered by oil or radiator fluid trickling from vehicles. Putting cat litter on oil that’s fresh ought to take in most of it. After a day or more, shovel it up and discard it. However if the oil has been on the driveway for a while, it’s probably going to ruin your day– and even numerous of your days. Right here are some ideas from the Michigan State College Extension Service.

How to clean concrete stains the easiest and most effective way?

Follow the instructions:

Scrub the concrete with a grease solvent like benzene. Have a fire extinguisher helpful. This stuff sparks easily.
Make a thick paste of 1 part salt citrate, 6 parts water, 6 parts glycerine, and some whiting or fuller’s earth. Spread it on the stain and permit it to stand, including new paste when it dries.
When none of these techniques has worked, applied your goggles and gloves and get out the muriatic acid. This is the approach of last resort for cleansing any kind of stain on concrete or brick.

Rust discolorations.
Wet the location.
Sprinkle on powdered oxalic acid (Typically described as wood bleach, it is offered at hardware and paint stores.).
Spray on a light water mist.
Permit to sit.
Repeat until the stain is gone.
Eliminating Tire Marks.
Spray on vehicle brake cleaner until the marks disappear.

The most typical discolorations are triggered by oil or radiator fluid dripping from vehicles. The ideas apply to antifreeze and grease spots as well as oil spots:.

Scrub the concrete with a grease solvent like benzene. Make a thick paste of 1 part salt citrate, 6 parts water, 6 parts glycerine, and some whiting or fuller’s earth. Spread it on the stain and enable it to stand, adding new paste when it dries.

Cleaning concrete has Never been This Easy

If you are looking for how to clean concrete the simple means you are in luck. This powerful concrete cleaner can get rid of oil stains and grease areas with little effort.

The best ways to Clean Concrete Floors around your home or company?

Terminator HSD requires no scrubbing what so ever. In simply a few days those oil stains and grease areas will vanish.

The best ways to cleanse concrete discolorations safely and efficiently?

Because Terminator HSD Concrete Cleaner is not unsafe and nontoxic, you will not need special protective gear or gloves. When you wish to discover the best ways to cleanse concrete stains yourself you will wish to keep in mind that our product line works with nature unlike cleaning agents and acid base items.

There are various other dry concrete cleaners out there however none of them compare to Terminator HSD. We pack almost 100 times more hungry oil consuming germs in gram. Do not be deceived by imitations and knock offs.

If you are looking for how to clean concrete the simple means you are in luck. This effective concrete cleaner can eliminate oil spots and grease areas with little effort.

There are most dry concrete cleaners out there however none of them compare to Terminator HSD.

Easy Tips on Concrete Cleaning

Among the most effective characteristics of an ornamental concrete driveway is just how little maintenance and routine care it will certainly need over its long term. No driveway paving product– as welling as concrete– is truly maintenance-free. Right here are some pointers for keeping the life and appearance of your financial investment.

What are the tips on cleaning your driveway ?

Tidy and reapply sealant as needed.
Washing your concrete driveway on celebration and keeping it secured are the finest measures you can take to keep it looking its best. Generally, you should reseal a concrete driveway every two years or so, or when the finish begins to point out to wear. Great industrial sealers are available from concrete product providers and equipment stores.

Get rid of discolorations quickly.
While a sealer will help to safeguard concrete from discolor absorption, it’s still a great suggestion to get rid of oil, gas, grease and other one spills as soon as feasible. If the concrete does stain, stress cleaning and certain cleansing chemicals will eliminate most spots (read Coming Clean with Chemicals and Energy Laundering).

Avoid making use of deicing chemicals.
Using deicers on your concrete driveway in the winter season could induce surface damages– mainly scaling and spalling– by obliging the thawing and refreezing of wetness. Avoid the use of any kind of deicers the first winter after driveway positioning, considering that new concrete is more vulnerable to the dangerous effects of salt.

Address it with care.
Concrete is one of the most durable paving materials for driveway construction, the common residential driveway isn’t really engineered to assist hefty motor vehicles (like a big relocating van) and huge building equipment. Additionally use care when plowing or shoveling your driveway. Prevent the use of steel cutters that might scuff or scrape the area.

One of the best characteristics of a decorative concrete driveway is exactly how little upkeep and routine care it will need over its long term. Cleaning your concrete driveway on event and keeping it closed are the ideal actions you could take to keep it looking its ideal. Stay away from the use of any deicers the initial winter months after driveway placement, since new concrete is much more prone to the damaging effects of salt. Concrete is one of the most durable paving materials for driveway construction, the common domestic driveway isn’t really engineered to assist heavy vehicles (like a massive moving van) and large construction tools.

Concrete Cleaner Perfect for any Driveway

The origin of standard cleansing soap returns centuries, and today there are a great deal of modern detergents and cleaners to select from. Some use complex chemical make up to target certain types of contamination and filth in a wide range of environmental disorders.

Without going in to complex chemical make up, permit’s review exactly how a standard soap works. All of us understand that oil and water do not mix. Soap contains fatty acids that emulsify oil, grease, and filth, permitting the fragments to be taken out with a water-based remedy. Without soap, merely plain water does not have much cleaning capability. By surrounding and entrapping stubborn oil or organic-based dust, a soap or cleaner enables the gunk to be rinsed away much more easily.

How to clean with right cleaners?

Also with the finest cleaner, great old-fashioned elbow grease and determination truly make the distinction when removing a stubborn tarnish from concrete. Once you locate the cleaner that really works, you will certainly reduce your time for concrete area prep work or maintenance in one-half.

A variety of cleaning services are readily available that are designed to wash or eliminate contamination from concrete areas. Understanding exactly what these various cleaning services do and how they function can conserve you money and time on your following cleaning project.

Driveway cleaning , As easy as it can be

Any kind of petrol derivatives (such as driveway cleaning experts and solvents) will liquefy in to the asphalt, deteriorating or liquefying it. These substances feature not only cleaning experts but also electric motor oil, transmission fluid, energy steering fluid, brake fluid, gas, and household solvents. This is why asphalt garages need to be sealcoated annual to secure against damages while preserving a new-looking black appearance. (Securing concrete driveways is likewise recommended; it safeguards against the devastations of climate and helps stand up to staining.).

So beware to check out the tag of any sort of industrial garage cleansing product to guarantee it consists of no solvents. For oily discolorations, the most effective method could be an eco-friendly cleaner or plain dish-washing soap. If staining is heavy or considerable, the ideal choice is to layer the garage with a black asphalt sealant available at any equipment or house store. This is a coal-tar item that will effortlessly mask any kind of stains with a much more eye-catching black finish.

Concrete with Oil Stains – Not a Problem

Among the greatest attributes of an attractive concrete driveway is precisely how little maintenance and routine procedure it will certainly long for over its lasting. No driveway paving product– as welling as concrete– is actually maintenance-free. Below are some concepts for maintaining the life and look of your financial investment.

Eliminate concrete with oil stains promptly

While a sealant will aid to guard concrete from discolor absorption, it’s still an excellent idea to obtain rid of oil, fuel, grease and other one spills when possible. If the concrete does imperfection, stress cleansing and specific cleaning chemicals will eliminate a lot of stainings.

Avoid using deicing chemicals.
Using deicers on your concrete driveway in the winter months can activate surface damage– mostly scaling and spalling– by forcing the thawing and refreezing of dampness. Prevent using any type of sort of deicers the first winter after driveway positioning, given that new concrete is a lot more vulnerable to the hazardous effects of salt.

Oil Spill Booms – The Most Efficient Clean Up Tools For Oil Spills on Bodies of Water – And on Land

Do you worry about oil spills? You’re right to be concerned. Oil spills can cause big problems for the environment and even at your facility. Fortunately, there are highly effective tools for containing and cleaning them up quickly.

And those tools, of course, are oil spill booms. They’re great for absorbing large amounts of oil, when sprinkling on some absorbent simply won’t cut it, and even pads and pillows are woefully inadequate.

The cool thing about oil spill booms is also that they only absorb oil. This means that if you find yourself with an oil spill on a body of water, you can put them into action and they will absorb the oil while repelling the water.

And since oil is lighter than water, they will float as well, which means that they’ll help contain the oil spill if you strategically place them all around the spill. And they will do so even when they’re filled to the brim with oil.

So if you have an oil spill on water, or a spill of any other hydrocarbon based chemical including fuel or diesel, oil booms will help save the day. But what if you have a big spill on land? You can still use them. They’ll work just as well on land.

Basically, they’re giant sausage-shaped contraptions with a highly absorbent polypropylene filler held together by a tough outer mesh skin. They work by basically absorbing any oil or hydrocarbon based liquid or chemical they come in contact with.

For extra stability and in order to allow stringing the booms together, a nylon rope runs all the way though each boom, and they also have carbon steel connectors. That way, you can string together as many or as few booms as you need to contain the spill. And once they’ve done their job, that linking system also makes them easy to retrieve.

Ready to add some oil booms to your absorbent equipment? As you go shopping for them, you may want to know that they are also sometimes referred to by a series of other names, including marine booms, marina and sorbent booms, sea and ocean booms in addition to their regular name.

You should also know that even though they’re fantastic for handling all sorts of hydrocarbon based liquids, including oil, fuel, diesel, and yes, even kerosene and jet fuel, they’re not suitable for aggressive fluids including acids, and they won’t work for water based chemicals either.

But when it comes to skimming oil from water, they’re the perfect solution. And they’re great for spills on all sorts of bodies of water, including of course the ocean, but also ponds, streams, rivers, and even waste water troughs. And if you have a fuel spill on land, they’ll handle that as well. They’re a must have for any facilities and construction sites near water, as well as for marinas.

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Choosing The Right Contractor For Roofing

Roof is one of the most important parts of your home. While building a house walls said to be the main foundation, roof supports the walls. These walls can only cover you from your sides but roof is that covers your walls from the top giving it a secure feeling. When building a house, like any other concern, it is always made sure that the person who is building it is professional enough with his job and is honest with his work.

Roof is one of the most important parts of your home. While building a house walls said to be the main foundation, roof supports the walls. These walls can only cover you from your sides but roof is that covers your walls from the top giving it a secure feeling. When building a house, like any other concern, it is always made sure that the person who is building it is professional enough with his job and is honest with his work. People when building or repairing a roof are concerned with the right workers for them. It is usually seen that people tend to listen horrible stories about these workers being unprofessional, not worth their price and even the quality of the work done that is the roof installed is very poor. The work done by the roofing workers has certain faults like the shingles r roofing material used to install in unreliable and not at all durable. No one wants to face such things and needs the solution.

When we take a sample of some people, we see that this tension of choosing the right contractor with the right professional work is faced by every second person in a society. When it comes to choosing a right contractor for you, make sure you are following certain points and keep them in mind through all time while working on your roofs. It often seems pointless why there are number of instructions given at the back for installing a certain roof box. These instructions may seem boring but can prove to be very helpful later on, and if not followed may lead to certain regrets. So the first step that should be taken is choosing the right roofing material, which allows you with the proper installing instructions. Read them carefully and jot them down accordingly.

This way your roof can be installed in a perfect and desired way. Second thing on the list is about thinking of the options of the contractors you have. For this purpose telephone directory can prove to be very helpful. From the local telephone directory, you can choose the roof contracting options available to you. Third thing, you have to do is jot down all your options and with the help of resources like internet and past experiences of the people; make a preference list of the people you have shortlisted. Next you have to choose top of them and call them for the services and offers they are giving to their potential customers. Make sure the list you have chosen is according to the basis of their high merit and high quality services provided. Next step is to choose the single contractor that you think is the right one for you. He should have all the capability of a perfectionist, he should be professional with his work and the most important thing, this should be suited with your pocket, which is the payment being made by you to the roofing contractor.

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An Effective Oil Spill Clean Up Procedure

Oil spills are dangerous to the health of people and to the environment. The hazards include fumes, ignitions, asphyxiation, burns, water contamination, soil contamination and fire. In case of an oil spill make sure you know what to do. Immediate measures can help the oil spill from spreading. Be sure to have the presence of mind and follow this easy and effective oil spill clean up procedure.

Emergencies can be a confusing time. So to make it easier for you, just remember the 3 C’s of handling any accidental spills. These are control, contain, and clean up. Controlling the situation is to stop the cause or source of oil or slowing down the rate of release of oil. Containing the oil spill is minimizing the damage of the oil by preventing the spill from spreading to other areas. Clean up is the removal of the contaminants or oil itself from the affected area. The proper disposal of the materials used in the removal of the contamination is the final step in any clean up.

Objective: To effectively deal with spill accidents in order to prevent the adverse effects on the environment and on the individuals cleaning-up the contents of the spill.

Materials needed include:

-Stand by fire extinguishers
-Safety goggles
-Safety suit
-Safety mask
-Closed footwear
-Oil spill containment booms or socks.
-Absorbent pads or rolls

Procedures are as follows:

I. Oil Spill Control

1) Immediately take control of the situation.
2) If possible, stop the source of the leakage. It can be done by turning off a valve immediately or turning the container upright.
3) Search for causes of ignition. Put out any flames or turn off any machines that are working
4) Wear proper safety gear. Fumes can be inhaled, so make sure that your whole body is well protected.
5) Inform management immediately. If possible look for your supervisor. Ask for help.

II. Oil Spill Containment

1) If the oil or chemicals are near any type of drainage be sure to seal those first.
2) Surround the oil spill with oil spill booms or socks. Enclose the area of contamination.
3) Make sure that you have secured all exit points for the spillage.

III. Oil Spill Clean Up

1) Place the absorbent pads, pillows or rolls directly on the liquid.
2) Scatter the absorbent pads or rolls in the different areas to aid in the clean up.
3) Continue placing and replacing absorbent pads until the last drop of liquid is absorbed.
4) Get ready with your plastic bags for the soiled absorbents.
5) Place all the soiled absorbent pads inside the plastic bag.
6) Re-bag soiled absorbents to prevent leakage.
7) Then once all the absorbent pads are picked up, place the absorbent booms or socks inside the plastic bags.
8) Once you have finished with bagging everything place the bags inside a drum or a single container.
9) Label or tag the container.
10) Contact immediately your waste handler for proper disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact your local Fire Department if you have a large spill. Almost all Fire Departments are trained to help control and cleaning up all types of spills. Depending upon the location and size of the spill you may be required by law to report it to State and or Federal EPA officials. 

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How to Lower Air Conditioning Costs

Many people mistakenly think expensive air conditioning bills are simply a part of life. Summers can be quite long and uncomfortable, and there’s nothing like the feeling of a cool home. For those who live in warmer climates, it can require a good deal of energy to keep a property comfortable. However, there are many simple home improvement projects property owners can complete to get the most out of their HVAC equipment.

It all starts with proper maintenance. Your air conditioning equipment is a big investment, and you’ll need to make sure any routine maintenance needs are addressed. Instead of waiting until your AC malfunctions, have a dependable HVAC inspector look at your appliances to make sure everything is in good shape. Wear and tear is normal on air conditioning systems, but most small issues can be fixed with relative ease. If you haven’t had your AC inspected in some time, schedule an appointment. A contractor can see to it that your appliance is running at an optimal level.

Your air conditioning equipment will only perform at a high level if your property is well insulated. Heat tends to travel to cooler areas, and it’s important to insulate your house to keep stuffy outdoor temperatures from leaking inside. If you have an older property, you could probably benefit from new insulation. Today’s insulation products offer superior performance and can be the difference between a reasonable or expensive cooling bill. You’ll want to insulate walls, crawl spaces, and the attic, and a contractor can help you determine the type of insulation best suited for your property.

Windows and doors often have poor insulating properties, and they can allow a great deal of heat to pass into your home. To prevent this, you’ll want to seal any gaps and consider investing in energy efficient materials. Double-paned glass is vastly superior to single-paned glass, and it also has superior noise dampening qualities. If you don’t want to perform such an extensive renovation, consider improving the caulking and sealing around doors and windows. Window coverings are also quite helpful and can prevent direct sunlight from entering and warming your property.

As you can see, your air conditioning equipment isn’t the only thing that affects your property’s energy efficiency. By completing some of these simple improvements, you’ll reduce energy costs and make your property more environmentally friendly. These types of upgrades can add dramatic value to your home or business, and you may even recoup what you spend today on lower energy bills from this point forward. If you’re still unhappy with your property’s efficiency, it may be time to upgrade your AC. By investing in your HVAC equipment, you’ll be able to stay cool regardless of the temperature outside.

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Oil Spill Berms – The Key to Containing Oil Spills and Allowing For Easy Clean Up

Are you handling, transporting, or storing oil? If so, it’s important to be prepared – and be able to contain the oil on short notice. Read on to discover how spill berms work to contain the damage.

If you are not yet familiar with oil berms, you should know that they are barriers that you arrange around the oil spill. This will keep the oil confined and prevent it from spreading.

And it doesn’t much matter where the spill is either, or how big it is. There are berms that fit almost any situation — some are modular so you can combine them and extent them to any size you may need. Others are smaller and lightweight so you can take them with you, which allows you to be prepared for a spill on a moment’s notice.

There are basically three major types of oil spill berms:

1) Portable

Portable oil spill berms are small in size so they can be easily transported and kept handy for any potential spill. They are especially suited for drums and other types of small containers. Emergency type spill berms also belong into this category.

If you’re shopping for portable oil spill berms, look for ones that are light weight yet strong and durable, preferably made out of polyethylene or polyurethane elastomer. They should be compact so you can carry them with you in cars and trucks or store them on a nearby shelf for when you might need them.

2) Assembly Required

Oil spill berms that require assembly are suited for bigger spills. They tend to be l-bracket berms, which are very economical. And don’t let the “assembly required” label scare you. They are actually an easy one-piece design and come with instructions. You’ll find that the required assembly is actually very easy and can be done very quickly.

3) Ready to Go

A third type of oil spill berms is suitable for larger spills and yet does not require assembly. The way they work is that you can basically lay them out and then put your equipment right on top of them.

Some of them have snap-up sides, and others have sides that rise automatically and turn the berm into a catch basin when there should be a spill.

You’ll be able to get both the assembly required and the ready to roll berms in custom sizes to fit your specific situation.

When you shop for any of those berms, make sure they meet EPA requirements. And of course, having such approved equipment on hand helps you comply with EPA guidelines.

If you need to worry about bigger spills, you may also want spill containment dikes to cover more territory, along with drain protector covers to protect the environment.

Meanwhile, you’re surely aware that spill berms merely cover the containment part of the spill management equation. They make clean-up easy because they prevent the oil from spreading.

But of course, you’ll still need products to actually clean the spill up, such as spill kits and other absorbents.

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The Earth Scouts Festival Activities for Children and Youth

democracyPurpose: The purpose of an Earth Scouts Festival is to introduce parents and children in the community to the Earth Scouts experience with hands-on children’s activities that fulfill the Earth Charter’s principles for respect for nature, economic justice, human rights and a culture of peace. It is hoped that the experience will generate participants’ excitement and engagement in Earth Scouts either through hosting an Earth Scouts group or becoming an Earth Scouts Family. It is also a good way for the festival organizer to connect with other Earth Scouts’ minded families in his/her community.

Where can they be held? Earth Scouts Festivals can be stand-alone events or held in conjunction with other aligned events such as those for children, the environment or your faith community. In Tampa, Florida, Festivals have been hosted in conjunction with the annual Earth Charter Community Summits as well as a part of a community wide children’s festival known as Kaleidoscope.

Community centers and places of worship often provide free space for the festivals. In Tampa, the festivals, along with the annual Earth Charter Community Summits, have been hosted by the local community college. Local museums especially those that focus on children have also been willing to provide space for an Earth Scouts Festival. The museums have also helped market the Earth Scouts Festival to their usual group of visitors.

Publicity: Publicity can be self-generated via email lists and flyers distributed to local businesses, schools, and organizations. It is easier to get publicity for the festival when it is part of another event or is being hosted by a larger organization like a school, church, temple or mosque. Local entertainers who already are known and appreciated by children have also been willing to perform at the festivals, and, of course, they attract their own audiences.

The Earth Scouts Festival Guides: The Earth Scouts Festival Guides included here are sets of hands-on activities designed by three different curriculum specialists and used at different Earth Scouts Festivals held in Tampa.

The first, very successful Festival Guide was designed by Katie Templin Culbert and Barbara Cloud-Weisman for the first Earth Scous Festival in 2003. Click here to viewCulbert’s and Cloud-Weisman’s Guide. Here are some of the details about structuring the Festival.

  • The Guide provides you with detailed descriptions on how to do the various exercises.
  • Each exercise represents or teaches about a particular Earth Charter Principle.
  • The exercises are set up at different tables around a large room. Each table has a sign over it, written on butcher paper, indicating the Earth Charter Principle addressed by that activity. The children participate individually in the activities as they arrive at each table.
  • Each child receives an Earth Scouts Passport when they sign in.
  • Then, when the youth complete an exercise, their passport is “stamped” with an www.earthscoEarth Scouts sticker for the Earth Charter Principle the exercise represents. (These stickers served as the models for our Earth Scouts Badges.)
  • The Earth Scouts CD, Heartbeat of the Earth, composed and sung byShana Banana, is used in one of the activities and is available for download.

Sue Carter designed another Earth Scouts Festival Guide. In the first Guide or set of activities, the children can participate individually in the activities as they arrive at the activity table. In Carter’s Festival activities, the children participate as a group and many of the activities take place outside as well as inside.

Earth Scouts is Scouting ‘Plus’

QuestionsEarth Scouts is more than a scouting program. It is a way for children and youth to become empowered to make a positive difference in their homes, schools and communities.

Imagine a community where children and youth

  • Appreciate one another’s differences
  • Have awe and a sense of wonder about nature and the cosmos
  • Engage in making their school and community better
  • Value independence and cooperation
  • Seek peaceful solutions to problems
  • Welcome new knowledge and experiences

Earth Scouts is a new national program developed by Earth Charter U.S. that inspires the above qualities in boys and girls from 3 to 17 years of age and engages them in actions. Earth Scouts themes are derived from the Earth Charter: A Declaration of Interdependence. The Earth Charter calls for a caring, sustainable and peaceful world. It was written by thousands of people from 78 countries over a period of 10 years and launched at The Hague Peace Palace in 2000.

Earth Scouts’ youth wrote the mission: Changing the world one fun badge at a time—children and youth working together to make the Earth Charter a reality at home and in the community. Badges center on universal human rights, eliminating poverty (economic justice), participatory democracy, respect for nature and a culture of peace.

Earth Scouts was developed by volunteers including parents, youth, educators, artists and other enthusiastic community members. From their exercises and activities, we have developed the most recent Earth Scouts Facilitators Guide which provides guidelines and examples for each of the 16 principles of the Earth Charter. Older Guides, additional Tips and student projects are also available. Parents and youth can develop their awareness of the interdependence of all life and the interrelatedness of all issues through these experiences as well as those they design themselves.

In these guides, we have recommended that Earth Scouts Groups or Families use the following processes in ‘getting to action’:

  • Inspire – Use exercises such as games, songs or performances that excite the child or youth about the issue and the Earth Charter principle you are examining
  • Understand – Do research, take field trips, study and discuss the issue and principle
  • Present – Use art or a science project or some other mode for demonstrating what has been learned about the issue or principle
  • Act – Develop and carry out an individual and/or group action in the home, school, or community that addresses the issue and fulfills the principle

As an example:

Principle: Eradicate poverty as economic, social and moral imperative.

To understand this principle and put it into action an Earth Scout may

  • Develop a relationship with a migrant farmer’s child;
  • Learn the difference between organic and non-organic farming;
  • Understand the connection of migrant poverty to agribusiness;
  • Engage in experiences that illuminate the gender role differences between males and females in the migrant camps;
  • Learn about discrimination against migrant farmers in their community;
  • Take action to buy locally produced food; and/or
  • Advocate for changes that benefit migrant farmers.


We welcome your participation to help grow Earth Scouts nationally and globally. You may form or join an Earth Scouts Group of several families and youth. Or you may become an Earth Scouts Family in which just family members structure relevant exercises and activities to learn and act on the Earth Charter principles. Or you may host an Earth Scouts Festival in your community. Please share with us as you add your own ideas about Earth Scouts activities so we may let others know.


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