Cool And Weird Inventions For Travelling

8. Motor Scooter Suitcase

Looks like people have come up with a way to make lugging suitcases around a little more fun and bearable. These suitcases have built-in motors complete with a seat. No more missing your flight because you couldn’t drag heavy luggage to the terminal on time. There’s even some that look more like traditional scooters that kids use and don’t come with a motor. A few models have settings that go over 5 miles an hour if you don’t keep it on “indoor” mode.

7. Air Conditioned Shirt

Trendy in Japan, if you don’t mind looking a bit bloated for the sake of keeping cool, this air-conditioned shirt is actually something that exists. Used by lots of label workers, it’s also become quite a popular product for travelers whose vacation spots have higher temperatures. It uses two high powered fans located on the inside to keep you cool during hikes or camping.

6. Water Filter Straws

If you’re like a hiker or just like exploring the nature, you know one of the first rules is to always have enough water with you. But should you ever run out, straws that filter water are handy. The company LifeStraw made the original one back in 1999 to help people living in impoverished areas have clean drinking water by removing worm larvae from the water source. Just don’t try to suck water out of the ocean, as it is not recommended. A water filter that’s as small and easy to use as this might be the difference in staying hydrated and not having any water in the

5. Clear Boat

Clear canoes and kayaks are used mostly to enhance your water excursion visually. Especially if the water is clear, you’ll be able to see the ocean floor and everything swimming under you. While they may not seem sturdy, clear canoes are used often and are usually made of polycarbonate materials like this Molokini kayak made by Clear Blue Hawaii that make it a hard shell but also lightweight, safe for rowing in both the ocean and rivers.

4. Labyrinth Tents
Tents with connecting rooms make is appealing for campers who want to bring more than a handful of friends out camping with them or for anyone who just wants more room in their shelter when they’re not enjoying the outdoors. Decagon tents are just part of how some of them are designed. They come in all shapes and amounts of rooms so it’s not impractical to have a whole party of people camping and trying to have a good time together anymore.

3. 10 Year Old Hoodie

No, it’s not a jacket made for kids. It’s a hoodie that Flint & Tinder claim will last 10 years. It might be $89, but if you’re someone who goes through clothes that fall apart easily, it might be worth the investment. Plus, when you can’t always do laundry or when you always have to do laundry when you’re moving around all the time, it’s nice to have one that won’t rip on you mid-vacation.

2. Ostrich Pillow

For the frequent traveller, ostrich pillows are becoming quite popular. Stick your head in here and enjoy a nice nap at the airport, on a plane, or anywhere you don’t wish to interact with the outside world for a few moments. The holes on the side were made to rest your hands in, but there are also specially made pillows for other parts of your body as well. They’re designed to cancel out most noises and help individuals have a somewhat private space to rest.

1. Aerial tents

Take camping to a new level, literally. Aerial tents get campers off the forest floor away from most bugs, snakes, and anything else unsavory that can’t fly. Most aerial tents are used like hammocks and are only suspended a few feet off the ground or right up against the tree trunk. But like they do at this Bavarian camp, you can buy one that lets you hang right off the branch off a tree. And since they hang off the ground, the tent has minimal contact with the environment, making it a little more eco-friendly than most tents.

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