Do Dry Concrete Cleaners Work

I just got finished with cleaning my concrete around my automotive shop. I have been doing everything I can to clean up the place. When I opened up this location for my transmission repair shop I never expected that I would have so much trouble getting all the grease oil and grime off of the concrete.


Bio remediation concrete  cleaner

Bio remediation concrete cleaner

So I can tell you today it looks a lot better than it did, most of the concrete has oil so deep inside of it that it can’t be washed off with a power washer or a steamer. The former tenant at this location just took no care in where they spilled oil. I can also assume that they never cleaned up an oil spill.

Dry concrete cleaner eco friendly

So today I bought a three pound container of a concrete cleaner that is supposed to work without scrubbing. Although I don’t understand the technology, dry concrete cleaners come highly recommended.

Apparently dry concrete cleaners do what detergents cannot. They actually do what all else fails and do not wash contaminates into the sewer. I’ve also been told that dry concrete cleaners are preferred by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the next few weeks I will post an update as to how the concrete looks after being treated. Apparently even though dry concrete cleaners do a good job and require no scrubbing there is a distinct problem with how long they might take to complete the job.