Home Renovation Guide

9 out of 10
Indian Home Owners who renovate their homes are not happy with the results.

Why ?

Lets find out !

So Before Your project starts

You spend hours on Internet searching for cool ideas and designs
And before you realise you are overloaded with information

You start talking to Contractors and realise – – there are no fix standards
You feel it is impossible to know who is right
Talking about building material 100s of choices for each & every item you have never been so much confused

Now lets talk about what happens during Renovation

It seems like nothing is under your control

With so many things happening at the same time

not able to figure out – right from wrong you stop trusting your contractor & at some point you stop trusting your ownself


Its time for getting control back in your hands
‘101 Home Renovation Guide’

101 Things which Most Contractors Won’t Tell You
we spoke to more then 50 home owners who recently renovated homes.
Made a list of all common pain points

Then we spoke to more then 25 experienced contractors & Designers

After all this exercise over months

We compiled this list of 101 Tips & Suggestions.

These points will help you

  • – save money
  • – avoid costly mistakes
  • – avoid getting cheated

101 home Renovation EBook is not for Everyone

If you are someone who wants to make informed decision & take charge of your home Renovation, this Book is for You.

101 Home Renovation Guide” by ContractorBhai.com
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