New AC Repair Feature

I was reading the Las Vegas news paper. It showed that an old time air conditioning company is turning over a new leaf.

Arctic heating and air conditioning repair company, is now offering a comprehensive 3 year warranty on parts and labor for any repairs that they make to your air conditioner in Las Vegas and Henderson. At first I didn’t think this was any big deal. As I began to check out the competition it seems that only a handful of AC repair companies offer any kind of warranty above and beyond 90 days. Most manufacturers of air conditioning parts only offer a 90 day warranty.

We asked the owners what they thought the extended warranty would do for there customers. The simple answer is piece of mind. Not much more is needed. Most customers want to just feal like they are getting a fair deal. Giving them a 3 year warranty on all repair is a new concept in the HVAC business but it is a solid one that people will grab on to for sure.

Arctic HVAC has created new market for themselves in the air conditioning repair arena. I’m sure it is only a matter of time until other HVAC contractors follow suit with extended warranties. I’m sure that even though they offer this 3 year warranty they will not be the only ones in the coming years.

Sometimes competition is good for everyone. It levels the playing field and makes it possible for advancement with other ac repair companies.

If you need an air conditioning repair and the 3 year warranty sounds like a good deal for you, you can call Arctic HVAC and have them come out and inspect your air conditioner before they do any repairs. They will offer you a comprehensive evaluation and upfront pricing. They do charge a $19.99 diagnostic fee for checking out your air conditioner. I was surprised to learn that this fee is typically 80 to 120 with other air conditioning contractors. I tip my hat to Arctic HVAC and wish them well as they are performing an ethical business and blazing a trail.