Ways to Clean Up Your House

Ten cleaning life hacks to make your spotless household sparkle and shine!

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10. Dirty mattress? Fill up a spray bottle with vodka & spray on your mattress to completely disinfect it!
9. Zipper tough to zip? Wipe down the zipper & zipper track with wax paper to make it glide smoother!
8. Dirty tennis shoes? Use nail polish remover to clean the stains right off!
7. Have extra coffee grounds? Mix it into your plant soil to give your garden an extra nitrogen boost!
6. Stove getting dirty often? Apply a thin layer of car wax on it after cleaning. This makes it shiny and keeps food from sticking to the surface!
5. Cleaning stainless steel appliances? Use Pledge furniture spray to make them even shinier!
4. Have pet hair all over your carpet? Make removing it easier by using a rubber squeegee!
3. Cloudy drinking glasses? Spray the insides with white vinegar then wipe with a paper towel!
2. Smelly couch? Sprinkle the surface with baking soda. After letting it sit for an hour, vacuum it off and the odor will be completely gone!
1. Pet and kid friendly cleaning solution: Fill a mason jar with vinegar and 2 orange peels!