Younger Children


The Earth is our home

    • We are living at a very important time and we must save the Earth.
    • All the peoples of the Earth form one big family.
    • Our great task is to RESPECT NATURE and to LIVE IN PEACE.

We are part of an immense universe

  • In this universe, our world is full of life, with lots of plants, animals and people.
  • We depend on the water, the earth and the air and feel joy to live in this world.
  • There are people who misuse the water, the earth and the air and who do harm to animals, — plants and — other people.
  • Unfortunately there are wars, people who go hungry, people who have no home nor school, or that are ill, with no doctor or medicine.

What must we do?

  • We must help so that everybody in the world has what they need to live.
  • We, the children, WILL MAKE A SMALL EFFORT EVERY DAY to change the bad things into good things, we will treat everybody well and share — better what we have.
  • If we help and love others, WE WILL LIVE IN JOY AND HAPPINESS.
  • We ask an effort from grown-ups: parents, teachers, neighbors …


1. Know about and respect people, animals and plants

  1. Because they are living things.
  2. Because they are necessary.
  3. Because they produce useful and beautiful things.

2. Treat people, animals and plants well

  1. Because they form part of nature.
  2. Because they need protection.
  3. Because they give you what you need to live.

3. Help your companions and give them your friendship

  1. Because they need it.
  2. Because you can do a lot for them.
  3. Because you want to share.

4. You can help see to it that more people enjoy good and beautiful things

  1. Because you respect everything that lives.
  2. Because you want there to be happiness.
  3. Because you are preparing a place for the children yet to be born.


5. Admire how plants, animals and people live

  1. Watch out that nobody does them harm.
  2. Ask for them to be protected.
  3. Call out for air, water, sun and earth for everyone.

6. Keep the place where you live clean

  1. Keep the Earth clean and save water.
  2. Collect litter.
  3. Try to keep your things tidy.

7. Always respect these three things:

  1. The life of any living thing.
  2. People’s rights.
  3. The well-being of everybody.

8. Learn about the place where you live, appreciate it and share what you know

  1. About the living things around you.
  2. About the people from other places and countries.
  3. About what you need to live healthily.


9. You will help to see that there are no poor

  1. Everybody must have what they need to live properly.
  2. All children must have schools.
  3. People in need should get the most help.

10. Help others so that they can live better

  1. Those who have the most must be the ones who help the most.
  2. You must only desire to have what you need.
  3. You must learn to share what you have.

11. Boys and girls are equally important

  1. All children should learn and grow up together.
  2. If a child is ill he or she must be taken care of.
  3. Women have the same rights as men.
  4. Every family will be protected.

12. Always defend the idea that any child:

  1. boy or girl,
  2. from a rich family or a poor one,
  3. black, white or of another co lour,
  4. from this country or another one,
  5. who talks our language or a different one,
  6. who is Christian, Muslim, of another religion or who has no religion,
  7. should have food to eat, a house, a family, rest, a school, friends, play and happiness, and if they are ill, a doctor and medicine.


13. Make an effort to see that there is no fighting where you live

  1. Find out about the way of life of the people in your neighborhood or village.
  2. You must be able to say what you think and to meet with who you like.
  3. Everybody must look after their surroundings.

14. Study, paying special attention to things which help you to get along with other people

  1. You must study with interest everything that can help you to be a better person.
  2. The media will help you to understand the difficulties and problems of people around the world today.
  3. The better educated you are, the better you will know how to live.

15. Look after and respect other people, animals and plants

  1. At home.
  2. At school.
  3. In your neighborhood or village.

16. You will help to see that people live in peace

  1. Everybody must understand and help each other.
  2. Man must never make war again, nor make more arms.
  3. There must be peace around the world.


  • We humans must look after and improve the place where we live; to do this we must live in a new way, using the good things that we already have today.
  • We must speak with all people so that we profit from existing cultures and inventions.
  • The people of other countries, languages, customs and religions will help us; in this way we will learn about new ways of living and treating other people.
  • We will put care and effort into dealing with difficult situations.
  • If we work together, we can improve the world a lot, because everybody is useful and can help.
  • Let’s hope it is said of us: “They want to live in a new way”, “they are trying hard to live in peace” and ” they know how to look after the Earth”.
  • The Earth Charter says what we must do to save the world: respect nature, respect human rights, org anise that everyone has what they need and always lives in peace.
  • The Earth Charter will help to conserve and improve the world in which we live.
  • The Earth Charter must be law for all countries and all peoples.
  • The Earth Charter was first written in 1992 . Later it has been added to and improved. We ask for it to be approved, accepted and put into practice by every country of the world.